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Copyright (C) 2003  Eugenio Cervesato & Giorgio De Odorico.
Developed at the Associazione per la Ricerca in Cardiologia - Pordenone - Italy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
// structures.h          header file 

#ifndef __STRUCTURES_H__
#define __STRUCTURES_H__
#include <time.h>

#define int_S     int8_t
#define int_M     int16_t
#define int_L     int32_t
#define U_int_S   uint8_t
#define U_int_M   uint16_t
#define U_int_L   uint32_t
#define dec_S     float
#define dec_M     double
#define dec_L     long double
#define str char

#define bool char
#define true 1
#define false 0
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

00044 struct alfabetic
      U_int_M number;
      const char *sentence;

00050 struct numeric
      U_int_M value;
      U_int_S unit;
} ;

00056 struct section_header
      U_int_M CRC;
      U_int_M ID;
      U_int_L length;
      U_int_S version;
      U_int_S protocol_version;
      char *word;

00066 struct file_header
      U_int_M CRC;
      U_int_L length;

00072 struct pointer_section
      U_int_L index;
      U_int_M ID;
      U_int_L length;

00079 struct device_info
      U_int_M institution_number;
      U_int_M department_number;
      U_int_M ID;
      U_int_S type;
      U_int_S manifacturer;
      char  *model_description;
      U_int_S protocol_revision_number;
      U_int_S category;
      U_int_S language;
      U_int_S capability[4];
      U_int_S AC;
      char  *analysing_program_revision_number;
      char  *serial_number_device;
      char  *device_system_software;
      char  *device_SCP_implementation_software;
      char  *manifacturer_trade_name;

00099 struct info_drug
      U_int_S table;
      U_int_S classes;
      U_int_S drug_code;
      U_int_M length; 

00107 struct Time_Zone
      int_M offset;
      U_int_M index;
      char *description;

00114 struct demographic
      char   *first_name;
      char   *last_name;
      char   *ID;
      char   *second_last_name;
      struct numeric  age;
      char   *date_birth;
        time_t   date_birth2;    // by E.C. feb 2006
      struct numeric  height;
      struct numeric  weight;
      U_int_S  sex;
      U_int_S  race;
      U_int_M  systolic_pressure;
      U_int_M  diastolic_pressure;

00131 struct clinic
      U_int_M     number_drug;
      struct info_drug  *drug;
      char        *text_drug;

      U_int_M     number_diagnose;
      struct numeric    *diagnose;
      char        *text_diagnose;

      char        *referring_physician;
      char        *latest_confirming_physician;
      char        *technician_description;

      U_int_M     number_text;
      struct numeric    *free_text;
      char        *text_free_text;

      U_int_M     number_hystory;
      struct numeric    *medical_hystory;

      U_int_M     number_free_hystory;
      struct numeric    *free_medical_hystory;
      char        *text_free_medical_hystory;

00157 struct descriptive
      struct device_info      acquiring;
      struct device_info      analyzing;
      char        *acquiring_institution;
      char        *analyzing_institution;
      char        *acquiring_department;
      char        *analyzing_department;
      char        *room;
      U_int_S     stat_code;

00169 struct device
      char    *date_acquisition;
      char    *time_acquisition;
        time_t    date_acquisition2;       // by E.C. feb 2006
        time_t    time_acquisition2;       // by E.C. feb 2006
      U_int_M   baseline_filter;
      U_int_M   lowpass_filter;
      U_int_S   other_filter[4];
      char    *sequence_number;
      struct numeric   electrode_configuration;
      struct Time_Zone TZ;

00183 struct table_H
      U_int_S bit_prefix;
      U_int_S bit_code;
      U_int_S TMS;
      int_M  base_value;
      U_int_L base_code;

00192 struct f_lead
      U_int_S number;
      bool   subtraction;
      bool   all_simultaneously;
      U_int_S number_simultaneously;

00200 struct lead
      U_int_S ID;
      U_int_L start;
      U_int_L end;

00207 struct Subtraction_Zone
      U_int_M beat_type;
      U_int_L SB;
      U_int_L fc;
      U_int_L SE;

00215 struct Protected_Area
      U_int_L QB;
      U_int_L QE;

00221 struct f_BdR0
      U_int_M length;
      U_int_M fcM;
      U_int_M AVM;
      U_int_M STM;
      U_int_M number_samples;
      U_int_S encoding;

00231 struct f_Res
      U_int_M AVM;
      U_int_M STM;
      U_int_M number;
      U_int_M number_samples;
      U_int_S encoding;
      bool bimodal;
      U_int_S decimation_factor;

00242 struct spike
      U_int_M time;
      int_M amplitude;
      U_int_S type;
      U_int_S source;
      U_int_S index;
      U_int_M pulse_width;

00252 struct global_measurement
      U_int_S number;
      U_int_M number_QRS;
      U_int_S number_spike;
      U_int_M average_RR;
      U_int_M average_PP;
      U_int_M ventricular_rate;
      U_int_M atrial_rate;
      U_int_M QT_corrected;
      U_int_S formula_type;
      U_int_M number_tag;

00266 struct additional_measurement
      U_int_S ID;
      U_int_S byte[5];

00272 struct BdR_measurement
      U_int_M P_onset;
      U_int_M P_offset;
      U_int_M QRS_onset;
      U_int_M QRS_offset;
      U_int_M T_offset;
      int_M P_axis;
      int_M QRS_axis;
      int_M T_axis;

00284 struct info
      U_int_S type;
      char *date;
      char *time;
      U_int_S number;

00292 struct header_lead_measurement
      U_int_M number_lead;
      U_int_M number_lead_measurement;

00298 struct lead_measurement_block
      U_int_M ID;
      int_M P_duration;
      int_M PR_interval;
      int_M QRS_duration;
      int_M QT_interval;
      int_M Q_duration;
      int_M R_duration;
      int_M S_duration;
      int_M R1_duration;
      int_M S1_duration;
      int_M Q_amplitude;
      int_M R_amplitude;
      int_M S_amplitude;
      int_M R1_amplitude;
      int_M S1_amplitude;
      int_M J_point_amplitude;
      int_M Pp_amplitude;
      int_M Pm_amplitude;
      int_M Tp_amplitude;
      int_M Tm_amplitude;
      int_M ST_slope;
      int_M P_morphology;
      int_M T_morphology;
      int_M iso_electric_segment_onset_QRS;
      int_M iso_electric_segment_offset_QRS;
      int_M intrinsicoid_deflection;
      U_int_M quality_recording[8];
      int_M ST_amplitude_Jplus20;
      int_M ST_amplitude_Jplus60;
      int_M ST_amplitude_Jplus80;
      int_M ST_amplitude_JplusRR16;
      int_M ST_amplitude_JplusRR8;

00334 struct statement_coded
      U_int_S sequence_number;
      U_int_M length;
      U_int_S type;
      U_int_M number_field;

//structs for sections: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
00345 struct DATA_DECODE
      struct table_H *t_Huffman;
      U_int_M *flag_Huffman;

      struct lead *data_lead;
      struct f_lead flag_lead;

      struct Protected_Area *data_protected;
      struct Subtraction_Zone *data_subtraction;

      struct f_BdR0 flag_BdR0;
      U_int_M *length_BdR0;
      U_int_S *samples_BdR0;
      int_L *Median;

      struct f_Res flag_Res;
      U_int_M *length_Res;
      U_int_S *samples_Res;
      int_L *Residual;

      int_L *Reconstructed;

00369 struct TREE_NODE
//struttura di un nodo dell'albero
      struct TREE_NODE *next_0;
      struct TREE_NODE *next_1;
      int_M row;

//structs for sections: 7, 10
00380 struct DATA_RECORD
      struct global_measurement data_global;
      struct spike *data_spike;
      U_int_S *type_BdR;
      struct BdR_measurement *data_BdR;
      struct additional_measurement *data_additional;

      struct header_lead_measurement header_lead;
      struct lead_measurement_block *lead_block;

//structs for sections: 1, 8, 11
00395 struct DATA_INFO
      struct demographic ana;
      struct clinic cli;
      struct descriptive des;
      struct device dev;

      struct info flag_report;
      struct numeric *text_dim;
      char *text_report;

      struct info flag_statement;
      struct statement_coded *data_statement;
      char *text_statement;

#endif /*__STRUCTURES_H__*/

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